Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rights & Guns

"A rational mind does not work under compulsion...a gun is not an argument. " ~Ayn Rand

A gun is not an argument; but [when one is attacked] an argument is no substitute for a gun.

Our theory of ethics, may make the initial assumption of self-ownership, and from this assumption, proceed to derive a theory of property-rights {life (ownership of mind & body), liberty (ownership of bodily action & labor) & property (ownership of but a part of the external world beyond the personal body, either transformed by the mind & labor of body, or consensually traded for) } but a theory of ethics should not itself be expected to cure the ills of the world.

An ethical theory, like any theory of the sciences, assists us in understanding ideas and their relationship to our experience; a theory clarifies, makes explicit, promotes a greater perspective and understanding of what is; it cannot be expected by itself to change, what is.

That change which so many are eager to realize, may only come to fruition by action. Certainly, good ideas, and good theory may suggest to us, or guide us to the most efficacious means/strategy to achieve our desired end, liberty.

Ultimately, the most well developed theory of ethics and rights, if unaccompanied by action of the thinking individual, is merely an idea.

A right, only becomes something real in the world, a change in the world, when it is defended; either by force of arms, or by ideas in dialog.

So long as one person, *acts* as if they have rights, and is willing to defend those rights, the initiators of aggression must take pause.

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