Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Response to the Question: BUT What about the roads?

A Response to the Question: BUT What about the roads?

All such questions, are implicit objections to a state-less society. As such, they are not generally, true inquiries, based on curiosity, they are conceptual hurdles that are thrown down, with the challenge,

"You can't have a state-less society, unless in advance, you solve all of the practical problems of that society, now. Oh and by the way, if my imagination is insufficient to grasp how your suggestions on how to solve these problems, then I will declare that you have failed to justify your cause for a state-less society."

When we understand what people are really asking, we can begin to see that their question, is really an argument, and like all arguments, it makes certain assumptions. If we demonstrate that the assumptions are faulty, then the question itself dissolves, as it it shown to be a 'leading question'.

The first assumption made by the question, is that the current road system in place is of sufficient quality and quantity NOW. Is it possible that currently the roads cost far more to build & maintain than if they were private? You bet!

Is it possible that many roads that we currently have, far exceed the demand for roads? Yup.

Is it possible that the artificial subsidy of roads, creates an artificially increases reliance/dependence on automotive vehicles and road transportation? Hell yes!

The question, "What about the roads?" Is the disease of Statism, asking how we will possibly get along without our disease? The disease of statism, is yet again, masquerading as its own cure!

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