Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My vision for the path to Liberty

I've only been thinking about this for a few days but I am beginning to see connections to various of my interests and three in particular stand out as a vision for a path to liberty. 1.) Philosophy: To free the mind of false concepts. Taking advantage of neural-plasticity rewire the pattern/frameworks of thinking/reasoning to remove the memes of domination from our thoughts and concepts. 2.) Non-Violent Communication (NVC): To free ourselves from inauthenticity and free our personal relationships. When our minds are free of the memes of domination generally, we need to begin to heal our past emotional-trauma from domination; we get in touch with ourselves, what is most alive/human/authentic within our selves/psyches, have awareness for our feelings and connect those with our human-needs. 3.) Permaculture: To free ourselves from our predilection of dominating our environment. Just as slaves are less productive than free people, our environment is less productive (less able to meet human-needs) when we dominate it. Permaculture may help us to live in more productively with our environment and allow us to derive more satisfaction from our environment, and more be more self-sustaining. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Right now this is just an preliminary connection of my related interests which I think work together quite nicely as a path to liberty. Philosophy is perhaps the most obvious path that many have taken; NVC could be seen as an extension of that philosophy but since many who are philosophically inclined, seem not taken the step to examination of feelings/emotions & huamn-needs/preferences/values, I think it is important to include it as a separate step; I have for a long-time valued permaculture for the personal freedom it has the potential to afford me, but in thinking about it, I see it as a way to free the world from reduced productivity and disconnection with the environment...

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