Saturday, July 14, 2012

Force always preys on the weak

Institutions of domination, by necessity, always prey on the weak. The robber always looks for those victims least able to defend themselves . Force/violence is a costly/risky endeavor, and it is always in the interest of the dominator/subjugator to use the least amount of cost, and expose themselves to the least amount of risk, to gain the greatest amount of ill-gotten gain. If you wish to know who has the least amount of political power, see who the State dominates the most; see who are those in the prisons, why are they there; who are those most greatly taxed and coerced; see who are killed by the direction of the State and you will see those that have the least amount of political-power, the power to direct and control the State apparatus. They surely are not directly the State apparatus in such a way as to be against their own interests!

See who is benefitted the most by State action and you will see who has the most political power.

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