Saturday, September 1, 2012

Will Anarchy help me find a girl-friend?

A rather lonely young gentleman asked the question on Facebook, "Will anarchy help me find a girl-friend?" and I thought that it was a rather interesting question; here is my response:

We should not ignore the fact that institutions of coercion have social repercussions; the powerlessness felt by persons coercively forced to interaction with institutions of domination can create conditions in which the victims are frustrated or angry about the maltreatment they have received and those unprocessed feelings and unmet needs can be transferred to other, less powerful parties. The violence being transferred, may be transferred again, in a causal-chain of violence. The regular/predictable nature of the violence and coercion of *institutions* of domination imply a regular/predictable initiation of these causal-chains of violence, which would imply that without those arbitrary initiations of violence in a regular/predictable occurrence, we might expect to see a net reduction of feelings of powerlessness, frustration, fear, anger, alienation and depression in the individuals belonging to the set of all individuals, as well as less relational stress/anxiety in small sets of persons in social relation, as well as a net reduction in social violence. Which is to say, on the whole, people would be happier and be able to interact socially more productively, if absent institutions of dominations (ie: the State). Which is to say, the probability of finding/discovered productive social relationships that might lead to coital pairing, would be remarkably improved, absent the State.

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