Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some NVC wondering

"I'm wondering if the application of NVC, isn't implicitly making a request; a request to authentically-communicate/connect. If it is necessary for the agent/administrator/prosecutor to accept the implicit request to communicate/connect, and for whatever reason, the person's pursuit of other needs, would cause them not to want to give-in to th
e request to communicate/connect, then I wonder if NVC can truly be efficacious under those circumstances. I wonder if the "magic" of NVC relies on the frequent circumstance that jackals want to be understood and/or have their feelings and needs recognized. The challenging opportunity of empathy that I am wondering about, occurs, when certain persons are in a position of power-over-others that might be so regularly exercised successfully (for their benefit), that the request to authentically-communicate/connect, challenges/threatens the needs that are being met by that power-over-others, such that, they may be unwilling, under these circumstances, to give-in to the implicit request of the NVC adept to authentically-communicate/connect. Such persons might be very committed to a strategy of breaking off communication as soon as possible, while communicating with as much amtssprache as possible."

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