Friday, May 11, 2012

The Path to Liberty

 For a stateless society to emerge, it must do so by enough people being exposed to ideas of liberty and beginning the process of integrating those ideas into their own minds and lives as to form a critical mass of persons, accepting and integrating these ideas into their lives...

Once upon a time, no one understood what science was, and many people were afraid and threatened by the conclusions that people using science had made... people were threatened, oppressed and even killed because they thought that this "science" thing contradicted their religious superstitions, but the idea persisted because it was a better idea... and because it was a better idea, it slowly gained momentum... education of the masses increased due to technological progress (like the printing-press)... science eventually became so main-stream that it is today difficult to imagine a world/society without the use of science! 

I have little doubt that the path to liberty will be like that.  We are using ideas, to build up to a critical mass of people, until some point at which the energy potential of our ideas overcomes the gravitational-effect of oppression, force and coercion!

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