Thursday, April 5, 2012

You think you are always right!

Steve: "You know what your problem is, don't you? You always think you are right!"

Adam: "Hmmm... I would submit, that every time that you disagree with me, you think you are right in your disagreement..."

I had this thought, and I'm still playing with this idea in my mind and I wonder what others may make of it: Everyone, always, think they are 'correct' or 'right' at the time that they check to see if they are 'correct'. Certainly, we naturally admit that, in the past, we have been in error, but is it possible to think that we are in error in present? It would seem to think that you are in error in the present, is to admit contradiction, for the moment one acknowledges their error, they no longer can be said to confirm their own error; we can only think ourselves wrong in the past.

Therefore, does the confidence that is required for direct/deliberate action or for the belief in a particular proposition, have a kind of prejudice for thinking that one is in a better position, in the moment, to rule the lives of others, unless one accepts a proposition in direct contradiction to this unconscious prejudice (such as: the Misesian theory of subjective value and exchange) ?

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