Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rothbard: The Nature of Agency and "Representatives"

"Suffice it to say here that an individual's true agent or 'representative' is always subject to that individual's orders, can be dismissed at any time and cannot act contrary to the interests or wishes of his principal.  Clearly, the 'representative' in a democracy can never fulfill such agency functions, the only ones consonant with a libertarian society." ~Murray Rothbard

The essential feature of agent or representative, is the agency of the agent for that agent's principal; if the agent acts contrary to the intentions/purposes/interests of her principal, then she is not an agent or representative at all, but a fraud, acting upon her own behalf.  Therefore, if any person so "represented" by a political-agent, disagrees with the actions or "agency" of that "representative", that representative is automatically recalled on the grounds of having violated her fiduciary responsibility.  All alleged "representatives", therefore in practice, have a indefinite number of conflicts of fiduciary interest, and are therefore, acting only upon their own consciences, and are representing no-one in their actions (the only exception to this, would be if every principal was in unanimous agreement and the agent's acts were in concordance to that unanimous interest).

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