Friday, March 21, 2014

Property is Theft: Explained

"Imagine, if you will, that a people were dominated by conquest and plundered for centuries, where the stolen possessions of the subjugated peoples was used to establish a great system of production that is often called, 'capitalism', and a great network of 'private property' held by the inheritors of those that have conquered and plundered the subjugated peoples, such that the dominators had come to control a super-majority of land and capital-goods, whereby the subjugated have only their labor left to trade.  When what is called 'property' is the inheritance of domination, and where 'capitalism' is the exercise of that plunder by both those that perpetuate the institutions of domination and by the collaborators with those institutions of domination, then in that world, 'property' is rightly equated with theft."
~ Darjeelingzen

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  1. In other words, having more than one's fair share of property, namely land & water, is theft from others. We don't need to redefine the word property, we just need to clarify what form of property is theft; the simplistic and inaccurate saying "property is theft" doesn't serve societal progress at all, it can actually do the opposite by being used by those advocating communism/statism/collectivism, which is actually the root injustice.