Friday, May 17, 2013

Making the old system obsolete

(In response to Cantwell's recent video title, before I got to watch the video)

Making the old system obsolete

I would like to recognize, that the current system/paradigm  meets certain needs for most people; needs for security (kinda; for most people, the metaphorical electric fence is protective, rather than restrictive), needs for predictability/order/consistency (easier economic calculation & lots of past personal investment in the current system), needs for a sense of belonging/community (though it is something of a tribal "us" vs. "them" belonging/community).

The needs met by the current system/paradigm, are met (tragically) at the expense of meeting other needs, like autonomy (liberty), integrity (honesty) and peace (non-violence).

In order to make the current system obsolete, it may be necessary to *demonstrate* (not necessarily, "persuade") a superior model/paradigm; superior in that it demonstrably meets needs in a better/greater way.

Therefore, I reason the concentration of my energies are best directed at the actionable strategies that are consistent (implied) by the principles/ideas/theory/philosophy {this is where people like Molynuex provide a valuable service; they serve as lens focusing the ideas/theory towards greater development; Molyneux's greatest contribution, may be as a light drawing liberty-moths to his online community}.

Why we might be so often frustrated, what we lack, is the answers to the question, "ok, so what do we do now that we understand the logical-elegance of this new paradigm?" (greater meaning-needs met)

Peaceful/non-violent parenting is a wonderful actionable strategy for furthering autonomy/empathy/symbiosis as a paradigm.

Extending the potential of the peacefulness of parenting, to all social interactions maybe the next step of applying autonomy/empathy/symbiosis principles/theory/values.  "Non-violent Communication" (NVC) offers potent strategies/tools for connecting empathically with all the individuals with which we might interact.

Then there are more solid applications... The more I can reduce my autonomy-leakage, the greater I can meet my need for full-pressure autonomy; I can stop the leaks where I am taxed the most, I can find ways to live on less income, I can use crypto-currencies, I can discover ways to construct inexpensive and energy efficient housing, I can avoid interactions with the banking/financial system do to their emeshment with institutions of domination (govt & central banking).  The results of these action-items, these actionable-liberties, is that I work less, with more free time to enjoy my life, with less debt, and a higher standard of living than perhaps many people having double my income.  

When liberty-theory/autonomy-values are *applied* in *demonstration* of their superiority, then people may abandon the current system for something they can clearly *see* is better for their own life (and the younger they are, the less invested in the current system, the more likely that a change of paradigm will be appealing).

When I attempt to persuade without demonstration, I can be perceived/received as threatening current needs meeting without proof of future needs-meeting; when we demonstrate, the people that emulate our actions do not even need to understand the theory/value behind/justifying the action; they only need understand that they will be happier/greater-needs-meeting-potential by abandoning the old system and embracing a new model/paradigm.


  1. I don't know where to find Cantwell's video or what it's title is, at least not by that description. It vaguely rings a bell. Could we have a link, or a title, please?

    I love demonstration projects. I love social activism that shows how living free is fun. I love all the stuff you post about permaculture and gardening. I love making a difference woot asking permission. Why do I spend so much time online?!


    2. (sorry, I wrote this one up on a mobile while riding a bus; it would have been difficult set up the links and such)

      I had an idea of what Cantwell was going to say by the title of the video but in all fairness, I didn't watch the video at the time of the writing of this because I didn't have a connection on the bus. I appreciate Cantwell's and Kokesh's enthusiasm for challenging the demands of instituions of domination; I can connect/sympathize with their frustrations, their concern about their autonomy-leakage. I wonder if being demanding in response to demands is the best way of getting those needs met... the strategies they are drawn to, would seem to me to have high potentials for win-lose outcomes and I wonder if a set of win-win strategies could be explored.

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