Monday, October 22, 2012

Fusions of liberty

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I'm interested in the fusion of ideas mentioned by LibertarianPrepper. I see the ideas of liberty as a matrix reaching out into varied application and integration into daily life. For instance, if a person grows a garden and learns simple preservation methods, such a person is remarkably less dependent on food-distribution systems and has achieved quite a lot of independence or freedom from reliance on those systems. The simple act of growing a garden, while innocuous in and of itself, decreases our reliance on systems that are ultimately controlled/regulated through coercive/dominative means and therefore can be unreliable and/or unstable.

Even if someone was to accept the principle of liberty as applied to ethics or politics, they may still retain some of those old-domination thought-patterns, because it is no simple thing to unravel the pain/trauma of a childhood/life-time of domination, just by the gossamer cognitive acceptance of a principle such as the "Non-Initiation of Aggression Principle". I'm interested in how persons who are interested in liberty, may learn to clear their minds of all traces of domination-thinking and domination-language and embrace a consciousness of empathy and connection with others. 

Therefore it seems to me, that there are a lot of possible "fusions" or integrations possible within the liberty-movement that are as yet, still in their infancy of development/incorporation; among these might be self-reliance of some food-production (gardening, husbandry, aquaculture, fishing, hunting), polyculture systems (permaculture), wilderness survival skills (confidence one's ability to survive/provide-for-one's-self, decreases fear of losing the systems/institutions as we know them today), permaculture (agricultural design systems for permanence & sustainability), paleo/primitive diet (emphasis on fats for carrying calorie load, rather than energy-intensive production of grains for calorie-load; has benefit of being evolutionarily/genetically appropriate and decreases sugar/insulin spikes, reducing inflammation), home medical skills (herbal medicines & traditional medicine at home), self-defense skills (martial arts, firearms), peaceful/connected communication (Non-Violent Communication {NVC}), trivium guided autodidactism, and of course all of the "traditional" interests of liberty-minded persons such as economics, political theory, philosophy, history, etc.

I would like to point out, that the liberty-movement is still young and while there is lively academic debate in many areas, the core principles of liberty in their application (how does an individual create a space of greater freedom for themselves, in the present now) is a development in its infancy and I'm very interested in exploring these "fusions" of liberty.

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