Friday, January 27, 2012

Rothbard: On the practicality of Konkin's agorism...

"When we consider, then, the vital importance of wage-work, black markets are already severely limited, and the agorist scenario for the ultimate libertarian goal falls apart.  And then there is the final stage where black market agencies use force to defend illegal transactions, tax rebels, etc. against the State.  Although Konkin doesn’t acknowledge it as such, this is violent revolution, and it is simply an historical truth without exception that no violent revolution has come dose to succeeding in a democratic country with free elections. So that way is barred too. And it hasn’t succeeded all that often even in a dictatorship.  The Soviet system has now been oppressing its citizens for over sixty years; and there has been a widespread black market all this time.   And yet there is still the Gulag.  Why hasn’t the black market developed into a Konkinian agora or, even hinted at such?" - Rothbard

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