Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"We don't yet know, above all, what the world might be like if

Alice Miller gives us this potent thought: "We don't yet know, above all, what the world might be like if children were to grow up without being subjected to humiliation, if parents would respect them and take them seriously as people."

But I would like to add to it:

We don't yet know, nor in our current psychological states, scarred as we necessarily are, by the trauma of life-long domination from parents, family-members, teachers, bureaucrats, officers, legislators, agents and judges, can we even understand above all, what the world might be like, if children were to grow-up without being subjected to shame, guilt, humiliation, blame, spanking, violence, or abuse; if parents, family-members, teachers and all others, began to respect them as human-beings worthy of the dignity of their humanity and take them seriously as fully-human but still-developing persons.

Perhaps the most promising path to liberty for all humanity, is to raise generations of children without domination; a child raised in a home with two native English-speaking parents, will not naturally grow-up to speak only Chinese and similarly a cohort of children who have never been forced or coerced to obey the will of their parents, will not grow up to obey self-styled 'authorities'.

Tao Lao-Tzu wrote:  "If no one obeys, then no one rules."

  Boetie's amazement, was that the tyrant, himself could rule almost no one, but that his tyranny is propagated by hierarchies of obedient underlings/cronies without which he would be powerless.

  Cohort after cohort of children raised without domination would reject domination in their adult lives; they would naturally seek out voluntary/consensual-relationships, voluntary/consensual interchanges, voluntary/consensual exchanges.  The institutions of domination would be extinguished not because a people rebelled but by their disobedience they made those institutions of domination irrelevant.

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