Monday, July 9, 2012


[Scott Banfield]: If government carries out the will of the people, why does it have to keep guns pointed at them all the time?
{sarcasm} Well, as everyone already knows, which is hardly worth discussing, and it's pretty ridiculous to even ask the question, the people have elected their representatives, to force themselves to do what the people want themselves to do, because of their implicit consent to the social contract, which is an undeniable & irrefutable fact and we can not discuss this further until you convince me that everything you would like to propose is reasonable to me, because you are trying to trick me into asking questions which already contain your premises.

 {sarcasm} If you want to live in a society, then everyone has to obey the rules, no matter how arbitrary, unreasonable, unjust or sometimes contradictory/physically-impossible. You have already implicitly consented to obey all those rules, so if you don't obey the rules, no one has forced you to do anything, you have agreed to be punished by your implicit consent of the social contract; in fact, due to the social contract, if you think about it, it is you, that is putting yourself in jail for not obeying the rules of the authorities [and similarly, if you think about it, because of the implicit consent of the social contract, the Jews weren't murdered during the Holocaust, they by their implicit consent, committed assisted-suicide].

{sarcasm} ...If those libertarians can not point to a single place on earth, where people are given the "liberty" they talk so much about, then that is all the empirical proof that is needed, to demonstrate that such "liberty" in a society is not possible.   In such a society, all there would be, is complete anarchy! All the bad/evil persons would organize into gangs and they would oppress the people and they would fight each other, until just one gang, got an edge on all the other gangs, and then THAT gang came to tyrannize everyone! That's why we all implicitly consent to the social-contract and that's why we all need government to create rules for everyone, because without government, there would be one tyrannical gang, telling everyone what to do and punishing those that disobey!

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